Real Fall Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

I love creating inspiration boards from real weddings that I have photographed.  Each detail is carefully selected by the bride and I feel like rather than put together found images from the internet, we'd use their visions to help you!  Nothing is more inspiring than seeing how someone put together their wedding.  Using perhaps the same ideas you have for you big day.  

This one is close to my heart because the bride is my cousin! It was a beautiful fall wedding with deep wines, gold, and dark wood details.  Completely DIY creating the wood pieces themselves as well as all the styling and bouquets.  And nothing says beautiful fall wedding like dancing under warm cafe lights in a beautiful garden.

What is your favorite detail of this wedding? Would you use any of these ideas in your wedding?

Make sure you pin these images and share with your newly engaged friends, they won't want to miss seeing all of these beautiful details!

Leon 9 Months Puerto Vallarta

I had written a beautiful card to Leon and it got erased! But this happens when I know I was meant to write a different post.  Lately it feels like motherhood has become more routine and less crazy, when will I ever shower, sleepless days.  Which has been wonderful! Leon keeps getting bigger and I keep thinking of when he was smaller and couldn't even hold his head up.  

Did I kiss him enough then? Because I feel like I can't stop from hugging him and kissing his cute chunky cheeks.  Especially when he laughs when I do it.  I love watching him sweat as he walks the entire L of our sofa and crawls all over the place screaming in pure joy that he is mobile.  I love when he kicks the water while at the beach because he gets excited.  And the laugh and excitement he gets every time his dad walks through the door is priceless.  It's like everyday he is more himself.  Not sure if that makes any sense.  

Little by little we're finding out who he is.  He's shown us that he's sensitive, inquisitive, a social butterfly, and loves to smile at everyone he comes across.  He's been extending his arm out and I can't get enough at how it squishes his cheek.  He does it with such an energy!

Soon he'll be pointing to things he wants.  Soon he'll be walking.  But for now, I'm going to try an enjoy this phase because so far, it's been my favorite.   

We had in mind to do these photos with his big huge lion stuffed animal that my husband's parents got him when he was only 2 months.  We had a fun time and glad we were able to get a few shots :).  

Table Scape Styled Shoot in Puerto Vallarta

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!  Whoot whoot it's the weekend!  We have some friends coming over and we're super excited to show them around and barbecue! 

A couple weeks ago, I met up with Wendy Ruelas, who is a great wedding coordinator here in Puerto Vallarta to photograph some styled tablescapes she was trying out.  We met at an old villa a little outside of the main PV area and the view was to die for! Nothing but blue ocean as far as the eye could see and green hills opposite.  Perfect place for a beautiful intimate wedding ;).

I loved being able to walk around and just photograph the whole process and Wendy in action.  She's super sweet! And just as our luck would have it it started to rain just as we were finishing up!  June and July in PV are considered the rainy months.  But it was nice and refreshing since it's been getting humid here too!

Each tablescape is simple yet very distinctive of style with different types of floral arrangements.  What I have noticed at beach weddings is how simple yet elegant each set up is so as to not distract from the amazing view - the ocean! Here in PV the ocean changes color depending on how bright the sun is and time of day, then mix that with the breathtaking sunsets, you really do get a cacophony of colors during your event!

We have another styled shoot in mind and it's gonna be amazing!!! I'm so excited to start getting everything ready for that shoot!

You can find Wendy at and here is her FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM