Most special maternity session - My Sister!

I love having the privilege of photographing the most important moments in my family.  Especially this little miracle in my sister's tummy.  

This was a while ago and little Tomas decided to come a couple weeks after ;).  But I want to share this session with you as my sister sinks into motherhood ever so fabulously!  Love you sister, Robert, and baby Tomas!

Torres Family

I love being able to photograph families doing life together.  We photography my cousin Jackie's little family adventuring through the UCR Botanical Gardens.  Finding sticks, playing hide-n-go-seek, and counting turtles.  Capturing their family just as who they are.  More and more I find myself doing these kinds of photos.  It just feels more natural to me than the smiley ones.  But not so aloof or stylized as the lifestyle photos.  Just more real.  And I love getting a glimpse of the real in families.  Because some days are just so good your heart wants to explode.  And we should always try and remember those days and how they make us feel.  

Anyway, here are the beautiful photos! Click on the photo to make them larger. 


Isa & Adrian Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Mexico Destination Wedding

Isa and I first met during her friend's wedding in Mazatlan a couple years ago.  She is an absolutely easy going person who carried through her day like it was any other.  Truly enjoyed every minute of the day, which was fabulous! I just loved the way Adrian looked at her, he completely adores her.

Their day began with a first look, which are my favorite! It's so wonderful to see the couple before all the madness begins and give them some time and space to truly enjoy each other.  They had a symbolic ceremony overlooking the hotel's playa saying I Do with their closest friends and family.  That is what I love about destination weddings, truly those who attend are those closest to you which makes for a beautiful intimate wedding.  

The reception was full of beautiful accents and details! Along with fireworks during their first dance!  Needless to say, the party lasted a good long while as we could hear the music when we got to our room that night.  Which I gotta say, makes for successful wedding day!


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Isa & Adrian Engagement Session, Riviera Maya, Mexico Destination Photographer

When Isa and I first met we hit it off right away.  She is a beautiful person inside and out with a wild heart and bright colorful soul.  A genuine person who is easy going and has a great attitude about everything.  And Adrian simply adores her. 

We had so much fun walking around the grounds of the hotel capturing their love and seeing how they just have fun together.  I loved loved loved Isa's wardrobe! 

The wedding was even more beautiful... which is coming soon! So remember to come back in a couple of days ;).


I was a little skeptical about the layout but I think I'm starting to really like it! I feel like it has a more modern gallery look to it and you can see the whole session rather than having to scroll for years on end, lol.  What do you think? Keep it? 

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Leon 1 Year

Dear Leon,

I hope that one day, when you are older, you will read this with a full heart.  A heart that has learned to live, love, and change the world for the better.  If not, that's ok too.  Because who ever you are when you read this, is exactly who you are meant to be.  

I am in awe of how much you have grown.  Sometimes you look so big I can't even believe it and other times you look so small I feel like you are still 6 months old, withmore hair. 

You like to talk with your hands, especially when I say 'no' and you try and state your case with your hand raised and your fingers touching.  Sometimes when you're cranky you skip the defense and just go for the gold and try to cry your way out.  Either one is cute, because, well, you're a baby.

I am encouraged by your ability to learn something new every day.  

You aren't walking yet and I kind of worry but at the same time I know you'll do that when you are good and ready.  Mostly because I believe you're a strong willed baby and know what you want.  Even at one year.

I love how affectionate you are and show your emotions accordingly.  I can tell you will be sensitive to your emotions.  And for that I am grateful.

Your excitement upon seeing dad when he walks in from work makes my heart skip a beat.  You love when he tickles you and plays until you literally knock out from exhaustion.  I love that makes you laugh until you can't handle it anymore.

I love when you scrunch your nose and smile at me.  And how you play with water.  

But most of all I love who you are right now at this point in your life.  A very smiley, happy, playful, and inquisitive baby.

Just know that my life is forever changed because you are in it now.  I love you and wish you the best on your birthday.  A day that deserves to be celebrated!