Brooke + Mihai Villa Paraiso, Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding

Oh my heart, it grew about two sizes on this wedding day!  Brooke and Mihai booked me through the amazing Jennifer Lawrence at Beautiful Vallarta Weddings and planned their intimate and beautiful day at Villa Paraiso in Puerto Vallarta.  Only 35 guests witnessed Brooke & Mihai's personalized vows while overlooking the ocean.  Filled with tears and lots of happiness they said "I do" to one another knowing that they had found their perfect match. 

These two wear their heart on their sleeves and are big time huggers, which is a total plus because so am I.  We hit it off the second I arrived and felt as if I had known them all my life.  Just absolutely beautiful, giving, appreciative, and honest people.  Brooke's dad oficiated the wedding, Mihai's family sent a special wine for the wine ceremony all the way from Romania, and during toasts, there were no dry eyes.  We are friends forever now.   

Thank you so much to the both of you, your family, as well as all of your 35 guests who made me feel like a part of the party! It was an honor to witness two souls vow happily ever after to each other in the most romantic and intimate way.  Love you guys!

Bride wore BHLDN pretty much from head to toe and it was gorgeous!!! And the sunset photos... my goodness, it doesn't get prettier than Puerto Vallarta Sunsets! 

Rebeca + Nestor Mexico Destination Wedding

Rebeca and Nestor are such beautiful souls.  Humble and together they make a beautiful, loving couple.  Their wedding was romantic and sultry all at the same time and you could see why these two had such a powerful connection!

We traveled to Chihuahua, Mexico to photograph the beautiful wedding that took place at Quinta Touché which was a dream as it was very victorian.  Their first look was one to remember since I had never photographed a bride coming down the stairs to meet the man of her dreams, ah it was sooo romantic!  

I want to thank the family that made me feel welcome! And to this wonderful couple who are sweethearts! I won't keep you any longer, here are the photos!

Living the dream

I grew up in Southern California and when you grow up there, the beach is where you spend your summers, winters, falls, and springs.  All year round the beach is a beautiful place to stroll, go for a swim, and enjoy beautiful pacific ocean sunsets.  And the cool laid back vibe is pretty great.  Which is why it's no surprise that I said often, "When I grow up, I want to live on the beach."

Well people, I grew up! I live 4 blocks from the beach now.  Like my husband has said since we  moved here a couple weeks ago, " When  you have a goal in mind, you gotta set the gears in motion to make sure it gets checked off."  Our family goal was to live so close to the beach we could walk.  Took baby steps by settling in Tepic Nayarit first.  Which was 3 hours away.  And now, we are 15 minutes walking.  

Bucerias is one of the most prettiest and cleanest beaches in this area.  The town is quaint and has all of the essentials for tourist attraction.  Lots of Canadians and Americans live here year round.  And the water is lukewarm all year round.  

It has been my life's dream to live by the beach.  And we have finally achieved our/my dream.  I couldn't have done it without the undying support of my husband.  He's always so positive and makes moves so that we get closer and closer to our goals.  

So I say to you: Go for your goals, no matter how small or big or maybe trivial they may seem to some.  There is no magic to it, just get started and make moves so that little by little, you get to where you want to be.  And being where you want to be is where you achieve HAPPINESS.

P.S. Have your wedding down here, it's got the most beautiful sunsets you ever did see ;).  Perfect for destination weddings!

6 Months with Leon


Never thought I'd say that and I am glad to know what it feels like to be a mother.  I would go so far as to say that it is one of the most complicated words to define.  However different each mother would describe it, I know for a fact, that there is nothing more amazing than watching a little human grow.  Live and experience everything for the first time.  Even watching them sleep is marvelous.  

Pure love.  That is the only way to describe what being a parent is.  I am blessed to marvel at such a beautiful being.  

And we took these as a celebration of his 6 months! Which flew by so quickly and yet we are eager to get to know Leon's personality more.  

Thank you Leon, for teaching us what being a parent is about! 


Monica + Paul Puerto Vallarta Destination Couple's Session

Monica had contacted me a couple weeks into December asking for a portrait session of her and her husband.  Monica revealed to me that on her wedding day back in August, everything that could go wrong, did.  It rained, her bouquet was wrong, her hair style didn't last, and as a result, they got very little photos of the two of them.   So while she and her husband, Paul, were on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, they took advantage of having a session done to make up for all that happened on their day.   After hearing everything that had happened, I wanted to make sure we got some killer photos of the two of them.  Never did I think she would bring a gorgeous wedding dress to the shoot!!!

It was absolutely fantastic and even though it was a bit cloudy, we did get a little sliver of sunset.  And a whole lot of beautiful photos!  Enjoy!